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living with wildlife

Squamish Champions - Module #4 Highlight - Keeping wildlife and communities safe.

Squamish is one great big natural playground! The wildlife love it too. We enjoy some of the world’s best mountain biking, hiking, climbing, back country skiing, and the list goes on. While we have these great outdoor opportunities, it is our responsibility to ensure that our recreational pursuits do not contribute to human-wildlife conflict.

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Squamish is situated in prime wildlife country and is home to numerous species: Black bears, Grizzly bears, Cougars, Coyotes, Wolves, Elk and Bobcats.

Discover wild facts, safety advice and conflict reduction strategies for wildlife species in your town.

Whether you are hiking or biking, swimming or fishing in the Sea to Sky, an encounter with wildlife is likely.

Squamish Champions

We’ve put together this page to further promote and inspire a responsible community. Through the knowledge gained on this page you will be able to complete our Environment and Ecology assessment.

 [#3 Environment and Ecology] 

To pass this module you must complete the ecology and environment assessment.

Working alongside wildlife

All workers may encounter wildlife from urban coyotes and raccoons, deer crossing highways to working in locations with grizzly bears. Workers should become knowledgeable about the wildlife they can expect to encounter before they head to work so that they can take the proper precautions and mitigate their impact on wildlife.

When working in urban environments, it is important to follow some best practices.

We are Bear Smart community

What does it mean to be Bear Smart?

Camp out without wild consequences

Camping: Front and Back country

Recreating and Trail Use

Live smart with wildlife in urban spaces, at work and at home.

Living alongside wildlife

Human wildlife conflict is a serious issue in British Columbia, and each year too many bears and other wildlife are killed because of human decisions and behaviour.

However, there are a variety of simple things that each of us can do that make a big difference in preventing human wildlife conflicts.  When endorsed and supported by an entire community, these activities have the power to prevent dangerous wildlife from entering our communities, and becoming a public safety concern.

Bears on Trails

Learn how to prevent encounters with bears while out on the trails.

Bear Smart Camping

Get Bear Smart when camping with the DoS Bear Smart Coordinator.

Key Facts Posters

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Squamish Champions 

Ecology and preservation: Ecology is caring for wildlands, doing your part to protect our limited resources and future recreation opportunities.

Wildlife is of upmost importance to British Columbians, providing social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits. B.C.’s rich natural diversity is closely linked to our way of life, and is important to ensure that wildlife and their habitats are resilient in the face of challenges like climate change.

Dig in deeper to our continued learning to champion WIldsafe Squamish.