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Squamish Champions - Module #2 - Support Local

Squamish has a diverse and talented business community, employing locals and supporting other small businesses. 
Bringing our dollars into our communities creates more jobs and more opportunities to everyone around us. Let’s show our love and support for our incredible community by continuing to buy, shop, eat, and play local!

Buy Local - #ShopSquamish

The pandemic has been especially challenging for small businesses, but we’ve seen the community pull together to support and champion one another – and awareness on the impact of shopping locally is on the rise too!

While the need to help the small business community is most immediately obvious, the benefits of shopping small extend beyond times of crisis.

Please share and help us spread the support local message.

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Squamish Champions

 [#2 Support Local] 
To pass this module you must watch the video above, complete the following assessment and follow us on Instagram or FacebookThe resources below will guide you to all you need to know to pass the module assessment.
Once complete, you should continue through to the following modules:  #3 Squamish Nation and #4 Ecology & Environment
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Reward: Upon completion of this module you will receive a Squamish Champions pin and become eligible to win the program prize* of $500 of #supportsquamish goods and services.  
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Why Local?

Research shows that for every $100 spent with a BC local business, $63 is re-circulated back into our BC economy (vs $14 for multi nations).

Local businesses:

    • circulate money back into our community
    • have owners who live and provide jobs in your community
    • provide more support for local events, sports teams and charities
    • are more likely to buy local services and stock 

Module Learning Resources

Support the businesses that make your hometown unique! This collection of resources is a hub of information, where stores, business associations, and local boards create and preserve the character and success of their town together.

Chamber Business Directory

Find Squamish businesses in our directory.

Arts and Culture

A love for all things arts and culture! Discover programming, training and creativity in abundance.

Buy Local - Support Squamish

Share in our love of Squamish’s extraordinary local community connection.

Volunteer and Engage

Unique opportunities to engage with your community and get VIP access to exclusives.

District of Squamish

Supporting business, economic growth and diversification in our community.

Sea to Sky Community Services

A hub of local resources and a directory of social assistance available locally.

Module #2 Recap - Support Local

Step 1: Study

Study the learning resources above and follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Note: Arts and Culture has a dedicated module page.

Step 2: Test your knowledge

Complete the assessment below to pass this module.

Step 3: Reward

Upon completion of this module you will receive a Squamish Champions pin.
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Spread the word

The more locals and visitors we can inspire, the more successful we can all be. Help us grow the Squamish business community reputation by sharing what you love about your town with your friends, family and colleagues.

Continued Learning
[Self Guided] This is not mandatory to complete the module.

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