Offering tax-efficient, proprietary wealth preservation strategies and exclusive wealth accumulation opportunities to successful incorporated individuals and business owners.

Our collaborative approach with our clients’ accountants and advisory teams means we can design the most creative and well-researched tax solutions available. We are a team of seasoned professionals, CPAs with specialization in tax, lawyers with specialization in tax, and financial advisors/estate planning specialists with Canadian and global experience.  Our specialist approach to tax and estate strategies sets the domestic accountants and lawyers we collaborate with apart when they offer our expertise to their existing client relationships. The hallmark of Global Solutions is solving our clients' concerns by using our combined firepower, breadth of experience, and depth of technical knowledge which results in pragmatic solutions to meet the needs of our clientele.

Our planning considers tax, wealth accumulation, and wealth preservation under one roof.  We act as an independent third-party solution provider.  Clients retain their relationships with existing tax advisors and Global Solutions is brought in to provide options other firms don't have access to.  The planning takes advantage of attributes of various financial instruments organized in a fashion that supports and leads to the desired result.  It is supported by comprehensive tax and legal support from best-in-class lawyers practicing at top-tier firms and provides options for clients' consideration.

Our clients are provided with comprehensive strategies which are not found elsewhere.  We do not look to unseat any current trusted tax advisor and instead seek to work alongside them in presenting our proprietary solutions.

If you are a business owner, a lawyer, an accountant, or an investment professional advising business owners, and in search of highly validated planning solutions, we should talk.

Some examples of the proprietary planning we do:

-Clients who are seeking to sell significant portions of their companies and seeking to optimize their retention through effective planning.

-Clients seeking to access funds from their corporations/trusts and being able to net 84-94% rather than the typical 58-60% after dividend tax.

- Clients seeking to emigrate from Canada as cost-efficiently as possible.

-Clients who have a founder or older shareholder who has significant gains accrued in their shares with concern about the tax impact that will come upon their death.

-Clients who are facing the 21st anniversary deemed disposition of trust assets and not interested in distributing assets or cannot distribute the trust assets directly to beneficiaries.

-Clients seeking to convert investment portfolios to tax-preferred portfolios that have no accrual or estate taxation and are managed with the existing advisors or managed globally.


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