To most people ‘accommodation’ means a place to live. We do that. We build and operate workforce housing and other types of living facilities in remote areas. To us, accommodation also means responding to the wishes and needs of the people we work with.

At LandSea, we go way beyond basic provision of food and shelter, so that on-site workers remain healthy, at their most productive and feel human. The result is practical, value-based comfort, livability and food people are excited to eat – combined, they elevate all standards of health, safety, and expectation.

LandSea is an industry-leading provider of workforce accommodation and catering services on land and sea for major projects occurring throughout Western Canada. We are a recognized authority and niche operator of cost-effective modular land-based and marine floating accommodation facilities. We provide all services to support each project from start to finish – design, permits, engineering, installation, catering, housekeeping, medical services and project support.

We’ve provided project support solutions for oil and gas, renewable energy, major construction and mining sectors across Western Canada, including:

● Long-time provider of floating accommodation and marine services to the Canadian Coast Guard.
● Provision of accommodation and project support to most large-scale hydro energy projects in Southern BC.
● Fostered meaningful partnerships with First Nations communities throughout the region.

To learn how we can provide solutions for all of your remote project needs, contact us on 604 815 4500 or visit our website at

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