01. Production
We provide top to bottom production service from creative development to distribution. In-house camera systems are available that can cover just about any situation but if your production is looking for something specific we can also locate it.

02. UAV/Helicopter
With extensive UAV experience under our belt and Transport Canada approval. When the shot isn’t possible by drone we also offer manned helicopter filming. We get the shot and ensure all safety and permitting measures are met.

03. Gimbal/Cable Cam
For specialty camera movement we use Freefly MōVI and DJI gimbals depending on the situation. A remote cable cam system is also available and we provide wireless HD video link for client monitoring at your request.

04. Distribution
A film is nothing without an audience to view it. We can help not only create an amazing film/commercial but also help come up with a strategy to get it in front of the proper audience.

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