Vrossis Wellness is a purveyor of holistic health & beauty from our esteemed teams of experts.
In our portfolio you will find unique services that are provided by specialists in the fields of Wellness and Beauty, always striving for your satisfactory outcome and experience.

Among common treatments like facials & massages, you will feel and see the difference of our Corneotherapy treatments, where your skin is nurtured even after three days of treatment, oxygen infused facials & hair spa treatments, proprietary cosmetic electroacupuncture, biofeedback analysis, personal skincare formulations and many more!

We have rebuilt the locations & carefully selected our services to provide an exceptional wellness & beauty experience to our guests. We have treatment rooms offering the most affordable, unique, full service spa treatments in Squamish & Whistler and we are pleased to serve you during your stay!

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    38116 Second Avenue, Squamish

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