Life is busy.  It’s disorganized.  It’s messy.  A chaotic space creates a chaotic mind.

In a world where we are always on the go and just trying to keep up and keep it together, we all need a space to come home to that is simple and beautiful.  Imagine walking into your home or office and there was a place for everything.  And everything in its place.  Sounds simple, right? It can be.

I’m an organizing junkie.  And I love to create and work with wood and fabric and everything in between.  I love pretty things.

But mostly I love it when I can find everything I need instantly.
When the ‘things’ that we need to use every day are organized and neat, things just seem to flow more easily.  And not just about storing and containing our ‘things’.  Displaying the things that we love whether it be photos of special moments, treasures, or a quote hanging on the wall that gives you that little extra reminder to breathe or that ‘you got this’ and helps you take on the day, can turn your house into a home.

Look around where you are sitting right now.  Couldn’t we all use a touch of Whimsy? Follow Whimsy Daisy Designs as I share my creations and my secrets for keeping it together… beautifully and uniquely!


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