At Work Design Studio, we are proud to say that all our spaces are custom created in partnership with our clients, and in response to real organizational needs. These are determined through thorough engagement with stakeholders and user groups, which is tailored to your unique needs.

We hope to be known for our empathetic and focused approach to creative problem solving. Our process serves to realize your core design goals, and emerges with spaces that feel authentic and well-executed. We recognize the importance of collaboration, and know that as we work to design beautiful spaces for our clients, so too are we enriched by our experiences with them.

The brass tacks is this: we’re a small, tight-knit firm. For years, we’ve honed our skills in larger and more robust organizations, and for years we’ve lamented the lack of connection that often entails. We’re interested in changing the way we’ve worked in the past, and bringing all the expertise and knowledge we’ve gained to projects that can hold all of our attention.

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