Why should you invest in training? To grow your business!

Step-Out 2024

Squamish is brimming with opportunity. To help your business grow, we’ve launched Squamish Excellence, in partnership with Tourism Squamish and the District of Squamish.

But why bother to invest in training? Here’s our favourite three reasons to invest in employee development:

1) Improve Staff Satisfaction & Retention 

Investing in your team demonstrates that you value your team. Engaged and confident employees are the core of a loyal and motivated team. Read more 

2) Enhance Recruitment Efforts

Who wants to work for a business that doesn’t value their employees? In order to attract great staff, it’s important for your business to be recognised as a great employer. Read more

3) Grow Your Business

Continuous professional development helps us all grow. When you have the tools to perform, you and your team will be better equipped to deliver efficiently and effectively. Your business will blossom! Read more

Squamish Excellence

We (Squamish Chamber, District of Squamish and Tourism Squamish) are working with Christine McLeod  from Everyday Leaders to bring you Squamish Excellence. The program has three pillars. 

1) 101: Essential Skills   2)  Stepping Up to Leadership   3) Business Academy

101: Essential Skills 

A set of three workshops. Come to one workshop or all three.

  1. Communication
  2. Sales is Service
  3. Conflict Management

The next session is Productive Conflict Strategies. 

Conflict is a leading cause of stress. The average cost of absenteeism is $3,500 per employee per year!  In the upcoming workshop, we will share strategies to better anticipate, recognize and resolve conflict, and help you develop a better awareness of yourself in conflict as well as others.

Sign up here for just $49 (33% discount if you book before November 8).

Stepping Up to Leadership

Launching early 2019, this program will elevate your team to the next level of leadership. A  series of sessions will provide the tools your supervisors and managers need, including leadership styles, performance management, goals, targets, recognition, team motivation, a culture of service and more. Details will follow mid-November, to register for 2019.

Business Academy

A series of one-off workshops covering a range of topics, from working with the media to governance training. More details to follow.