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Aug 16
Squamish employers welcome displaced Sea to Sky Gondola workers

Squamish Chief, August 16 , 2019 Local businesses opened their doors to workers who’ve…

Aug 15
Squamish businesses to offer jobs to Sea to Sky Gondola employees

Squamish Chief, August 15 , 2019 The local business community is stepping up to help…

Jun 19
Businesses wary of temp business park freeze

Squamish Chief, June 19 , 2019 Despite widespread apprehension from local…

May 17
Squamish businesses shine at 2019 awards

Squamish Chief, May 17, 2019 Hundreds donned their party best to celebrate the…

May 08
Opinion: Are Oceanfront’s ducks in a row?

Squamish Chief, May 8, 2019 For the past decade, the future of the Squamish oceanfront…

May 07
Shortlist of Squamish Business Excellence Awards

Squamish Chief, May 7, 2019 As Squamish was recently named as one of the top 10…