Squamish Chamber Forestry Policy Adopted at the BC Chamber AGM

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Squamish Chamber of Commerce Media Release

For immediate release – June 13, 2018

The Squamish Chamber of Commerce policy resolution entitled “Need for Balanced Policies to Address Underharvest of Coastal Allowable Annual Cut” was adopted at the 2018 B.C. Chamber AGM in Kamloops. The resolution addressed some of the challenges created by coastal underharvest and presented suggestions on how the provincial government can create a balanced set of policy measures, including more efficient approvals processes, reducing uncertainties inherent in current export policy, and product and market development programs.

“The Coast region continues to experience a persistent underharvest, with mature Hemlock-Balsam stands which are not being fully utilized to the benefit of British Columbia. The ongoing underharvest has had significant negative impact on businesses, infrastructure and employment” said Eric Andersen, Policy Chair, Squamish Chamber. “The harvest of the full allowable cut would stimulate significant economic activity in forestry communities.” added Andersen.

The policy resolution was created by the Squamish Chamber in consultation with the Squamish & District Forestry Association, Squamish Nation, and forestry businesses and consultants. The policy resolution can be accessed at ht


The Squamish Chamber supported many other resolutions around our key areas of concern, including housing affordability, transit and economic development.

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