Squamish chamber gets cash boost to update Highway 99 billboard signs

May 16, 2019

The Squamish Chamber is using a $39, 804 cash boost from the province to upgrade highway billboards signs to attract tourists and customers to local businesses.

The grant will be used to update the messaging and brand, said Louise Walker, the executive director of the chamber.

The Squamish Chamber adopted the Squamish brand in 2014, the “Eye of the Creator” framed in Coast Salish red and black.

“The grant will allow us to update the billboards to be aligned with the Squamish brand. This is important for how we position our community,” said Walker.

The billboards also contain information on Squamish and maps, which will be updated.

The chamber will also work with Tourism Squamish on appropriate tourism messaging, as well as possible information on responsible tourism, where to park when accessing trails for example.

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