Guest Blog- The Language of Leadership

Read our latest guest blog from Squamish Chamber member, Christine McLeod of Everyday Leaders, and the facilitator of the Squamish Excellence workshops 

The Language of Leadership

by Christine McLeod 

We are at a turning point in the language of leadership and management:  Consider these antiquated labels that still find their way into teams big and small.

  • A person “higher up” must mean inevitably someone is “below” and less important. 
  • The word “supervisor” comes from the latin “super” (great) and “videre” (to see).. so the “Supervisor” must truly represent “Super” vision. 
  • The words “superior” and “sub-ordinate”.. mean if the  boss is “superior” then the people to report to them must  be “sub-ordinary”. 
  • We manage people. We manage performance. 
  • We have departments that manage people processes called human “resource” departments.
  • Employee – someone who is “employed” in a job (from the french emploi) 

If we are truly to grow as a business community in Squamish, we must shed these antiquated words  by STEPPING INTO LEADERSHIP.  (blog continues below)

We are a community of business leaders who deeply care about our community, our colleagues, our partners and our guests. To truly be a successful leader in Squamish and beyond, we can do the work needed in three main areas of Leadership. 

Knowing ourselves as leaders

When we spend time looking at our strengths and unique talents, we can better understand how to contribute. Are we incredible at inspiring others and creating strong visions of success? Are we able to successfully execute strategy? Build a team? Assess a situation and know what the moment calls for? Using a personality & leadership assessment tool like DISC is one way we can discover our leadership strengths…and better appreciate the strengths of others. 

Leading others

Knowing the strengths and blindspots of ourselves and others is the starting point. From there we work on creating engaged and inspiring workplaces, helping to create the processes and tools to help each person show up each day as the best version of themselves. Growing as a leader means learning how to handle conflict, lean into tricky conversations, reward, recognize, coach, listen, give and receive feedback. 

Making an impact locally and globally

When we truly are operating as the best version of ourselves and know our teams are doing the same, we can make the greatest impact. Each of us has the ability to make a difference in our community of Squamish for the better- to solve complex problems, to raise our standard of excellence and do all this thoughtfully leading others. 

In a business world operating at a dizzying pace, it’s tough to step away from working IN the business to working ON your leadership. Twice a year, 30 leaders in this community are doing just that- spending time diving into these topics and more. The Chamber has made it so easy for you- all you have to do is say “YES these aspects of leadership inspire me” and “I want to develop my leadership skills” and you are on your way! 

Fall 2021 Cohort

This is a three day six session course: 

Session 1 & 2 – September 14th

Session 3 & 4 – September 28th

Session 5 & 6 – October 12th

Christine McLeod

Christine McLeod

Christine McLeod of Everyday Leaders has worked in sales and customer service for over 20 years. She has managed a retail business operation of over $4 million in Whistler with a team of over 60 employees. She has generated over $100,000 in revenues for local not for profits and understands the inextricable link between sales and service. Today, she coaches and speaks to sales teams big and small about how to hone their skills to make a difference for their customers.

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