Canadian Outback Rafting

Success Story Stories: Tourism & Recreation

Canadian Outback Rafting Company is Squamish’s largest tour operator, offering a variety of white water rafting adventures in the beauty and serenity of the Squamish wilderness.

The Canadian Outback Rafting Company (CORC) story started back in 1992, when Steve and Jamie Corbett launched Canadian Outback Adventure Company Ltd (COA), offering high quality adventure packages throughout British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska. COA launched rafting operations in the Squamish Valley in 1995, receiving accolades for bald eagle viewing trips in the winter, and world-class whitewater and float trips in the summer.

In 2012 after travelling the world for ten years, working at industry leading rafting companies on five continents, Graham Young joined the company, introducing strong strategic direction in reservations and operations. The business moved to the Executive Suites that same year and the seed had been laid for the idea of something different.

A New Beginning 

In 2015, Canadian Outback Rafting Company (CORC) was founded with Graham as the main stakeholder and the director of the company. Canadian Outback Rafting then purchased the rafting rights and equipment from COA. Though the two companies still have strong bonds, there is no longer an official association – confusing to almost everyone! Recently Canadian Outback Rafting has expanded into world class rafting expeditions through the purchase of Canadian Rafting Adventures and their iconic multi-day tours. This was a move that created one of the strongest portfolios of rafting trips of any Canadian company.

As a locally owned company and the only owner operated rafting company in the Sea to Sky, Canadian Outback Rafting Company’s vision is to be a leader in all aspects of the industry, with strong leaders, amazing adventures and first class customer service. Being located in Squamish provides Canadian Outback Rafting with unique opportunities. The scenery on tour and around Squamish is unparalleled with incredible rivers, mountains and glaciers in all directions. Being so close to a major city center, a major resort destination, the American border and yet still able to access remote wilderness creates a unique opportunity to share outstanding experiences with more people while driving business success.


Graham’s personal goal was to turn this company into the best rafting company in British Columbia. Back in 2011, with eight employees and a relatively unknown product, it seemed a tall and unrealistic goal. Now seven years later, Canadian Outback Rafting is the largest tour operator in Squamish – and the fastest growing rafting company in Canada – with approximately 35 full time and a dozen part time staff, providing safe and special trips to over 150,000 clients. Travelers and corporate groups from the Lower Mainland and abroad come to Squamish for the opportunity of rafting in Squamish, enjoying all the other benefits Squamish has to offer. Canadian Outback Rafting works closely with hotels, restaurants, and other tour operators to ensure clients get to experience all that Squamish has to offer.

Canadian Outback Rafting is top rated in BC on many sites such as TripAdvisor, thanks to the exceptional adventures, provided by world-class guides in remote, but accessible, wilderness. Canadian Outback Rafting attracts first class guides from within Canada and all around the world, improving quality through the skills and knowledge. Being able to attract the best of the best of rafting guides, along with the diverse terrain and ease of access, is key to success.

With a strong commitment to the community – providing thousands of dollars of gift certificates to charities and supporting local initiatives, such as the Squamish Environment Society’s Eagle Watch – Canadian Outback Rafting helps the Squamish community grow while helping the world connect with our incredible destination.