Carbon Engineering Ltd.

Squamish Success Stories: Clean Technology

Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE) has been a leading developer of Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology since 2009. DAC allows for the physical removal of carbon dioxide directly from atmospheric air for storage, or for use in making synthetic fuel. CE has been successfully operating its DAC pilot plant in Squamish since 2015, and is currently combining this captured CO2 with renewably-generated hydrogen to synthesize clean liquid transportation fuel; CE has coined this technology “Air to Fuels” (A2F). Over the past several years, Carbon Engineering has received notable recognition by several high-profile news and media outlets such as CBC News, The Globe and Mail, Forbes, New York Times, Wired and The New Yorker.

Since moving to Squamish in early 2015, CE has been a catalyst for bringing highly-qualified employees to the community. In addition to supplying high-quality employment opportunities, CE has been an avid supporter of bringing UBC’s Clean Energy Research Centre to Squamish, which will provide valuable educational and economic opportunities to the area. To aid in this effort, CE partnered with the District of Squamish, the Squamish Nation and Newport Developments to form the Squamish Clean Technology Association, with hopes of positioning Squamish as a leader in clean energy innovation.

The Squamish community truly understands the importance of environmental sustainability and has been an integral part of CE’s success, with continued and reliable support of CE’s mission to develop economically viable technologies that offset the effects of climate change.

In the past several years, CE has worked with numerous local companies that have provided services ranging from engineering and fabrication to equipment rental; operating out of a city where a vast range of professional resources are within arm’s reach has been instrumental in successfully building and operating its pilot plant.

CE is currently working with the district of Squamish to evaluate opportunities to locate CE’s first commercial demonstration plant in Squamish and to continue to leverage the optimistic west coast culture to make this project a success.

"We relocated to Squamish a few years ago now and the reception, attention, and support we've had since then has really accelerated our business. The Sea to Sky region has the right culture, educated workforce and proximity to services to help a Clean Technology business like ours thrive."

Holmes, Director of Business Development, Carbon Engineering. Ltd.