Building Resilience to Thrive

Building Resilience to thrive


This online training program, developed in partnership with UVIC’s Gustavson School of Business, will offer relief to businesses, helping to mitigate the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by teaching them how to adapt their business models, re-engage customers, and adjust workplace cultures. The certificate program will be offered to individuals at a minimal registration fee to ensure cost isn’t a barrier during the pandemic and will be facilitated through a virtual learning platform.

The program will feature weekly seminars delivered by award-winning professors Dr. Mark Colgate and Prof. Brian Leacock, for six weeks and will be offered three times over the course of five months until the end of March 2021.

Building Resilience to Thrive will equip SMEs with the tools needed to strive, build, and create in their COVID-19 recovery effort, and as they remodel for a competitive future.  

The program will run in three rounds:

  • November 3rd to December 8th, every Tuesday, 11am to 12pm, PST
  •  January 12th to February 16th, every Tuesday, 11am to 12pm, PST
  • February 24th to March 31st, every Wednesday, 11am to 12pm. PST
  • March 22nd to April 28th, first two seession on Mondays, following sessions on Wednesdays, 11am to 12 pm

Seminars will cover:

  1. Power of Context – Unconscious Bias
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. The Power of Coaching in Business
  4. Hire and manage a diverse team
  5. Improve experiences for colleagues and customers
  6. Adapt your service strategy for better outcomes


  • Chamber Members: $35
  • Non-Chamber Members: $70

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