About the Chamber

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The Squamish Chamber is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the community by actively supporting business, economic growth and economic diversification. 



The Squamish Chamber will deliver exceptional membership value by taking a leadership role in advocating for the interest of Squamish business, by providing beneficial member services and programs, and by working in partnership with other organizations. 


Areas of Focus 

In 2020, we will deliver value to our members through our four key areas of focus, with increased emphasis on connecting with our members and growing awareness of our programs in order to help businesses grow and demonstrate the value of Squamish Chamber membership.

Membership: we will place greater emphasis on member engagement, retention and onboarding in order to better demonstrate the value of Chamber membership and maintain a strong membership base.

Communicationsincreased focus will be placed on our communication initiatives to ensure the membership is fully aware of the existing programs and business development resources, along with the many activities that the Chamber conducts to support the business community.

Advocacy: we will place more emphasis on our presence and communication within the Squamish community to raise our profile, and to provide leadership on members’ priority issues that affect businesses and local economic development. 

Partnerships & Relations: we will develop strong, strategic partnerships to grow the local economy, and ensure participation is recognized across the Squamish community.

In everything we do, we will strive for organizational excellence, with strong, sustainable systems and processes.

Your Squamish Chamber Team

Anne MacKenzie – Executive Director

A native Nova Scotian, Anne is a 16 year Squamish local who has thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of living, playing and raising her family here.  Her background in Tourism and Hospitality informs her approach to work every day, with an ethos of prioritizing relationships and being of service to others.

Anne is keen to bring her strengths as a leader to the Squamish Chamber team, and continue to foster a diverse and vibrant business community.

LJ Fiorita – Events Coordinator

LJ was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, USA, which defines a significant part of her character: wild, determined, and handy. With dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer and saving the world with battery-powered cars, LJ went into Environmental Science and graduated with a changed perspective of the world’s problems today.

Her experience in outdoor youth education, community arts, and event planning have utilized her strengths and refined her vision of community development in Squamish. LJ prioritizes intentional living, communicating, and being, and thrives in her role as Event Planner at the Squamish Chamber of Commerce.

Jordana Manchester – Member Services & Marketing Coordinator

Making the move to Squamish in 2017 with her then infant son, Jordana has spent the last six years running her small business, mentoring fellow travel business owners, and connecting with the Squamish community. As a University of British Columbia graduate in social anthropology, Jordana has a keen interest in the cultural aspects of business, community building and advocacy around diversity and inclusion.

When she’s not taking care of our amazing Chamber members, you’ll find her around town on self-directed food and beverage tours, on the trails with her four-legged and two-legged kids, or cruising down the Sea-to-Sky to the airport for a new adventure.

2024 / 2025 Board of Directors

Michel-André Aubin – President
Laura Prosko – Vice President
Jarrett Zavitz – Secretary

Agustina Coccaro
Brandon Baker
Gale Kim
Mike VanCapelle
Roxana Dees
Ryan Kinghorn
Sarah Strother
Theodora Jean