Grant Writing Support

Grant Writing Support

Are you Seeking Grant Writing Services?

The provincial and federal governments continuously release grants to support small to medium-sized businesses in growth and recovery. The Squamish Chamber Grant Writing Services provides local businesses with free access to grant writing assistance, with the goal of supporting the Squamish business community and our local economy. This service is provided to both members and non-members of the Chamber.

The Squamish Chamber is grateful to the District of Squamish for helping make this program possible.

This program was kickstarted during the pandemic to provide Squamish business with access to COVID-19 relief and recovery funding. To date, we have managed to secure over $660, 000+ for local businesses. We are pleased to continue offering this free service into 2022/23 focusing on business growth and recovery.

We offer three levels of grant writing services, you may seek one or more of these options.

1) Discussion and consultation – up to 2 hours

Includes an initial discussion with a grant writer, reviewing grant guidelines and gathering relevant information that would be beneficial to your proposal.  

2) Grant writing – up to 8 hours

Includes support in writing your proposal, conducting additional research as needed, proper formatting and other communications (table, statistics, testimonials, etc.) that would be beneficial to the grant

3) Revision and review – up to 2 hours

Includes revision and feedback on your proposal from the grant writer, helpful tips for next steps, final thoughts and wrap-up. 

Please fill out our request form to determine eligibility and what service(s) you may seek. 

Please fill out our request form to determine eligibility and level of service required. 

 A Step-by-Step Guide of the Program

Step One: download the ‘Are You Grant Ready Checklist’ ensure you have all the necessary information prepared to begin the grant enquiry process

Step Twofill out the online form

Step Three: once your request has been reviewed and approved, we will pair you with a grant writer.

Step Four: grant writer completes consultation session to assess business needs, identify grants, and determine eligibility to proceed 

Step Five: grant writing application process begins  

• Step Six: grant review and submission

Please note: Our grant writers are here to help you submit a well-polished application, but it is not guaranteed applications with be successful.  

Take some time to review eligibility requirements before you apply, please contact us if you need any clarification on whether your business meets the criteria.  

You ARE eligible if:

• seek funding for business growth and recovery related grants

• headquartered in Squamish

• private company (single owner or partnership, employee owner, cooperative or social enterprise/non-profit organization) 

• small to medium sized businesses that employ up to 149 people in B.C. for at least four months of the calendar year

• majority of the share is owned by one or more Squamish residents

• the business is registered in B.C. 

You are NOT eligible if:

• a government funded business

• a larger sized company (employing more than 149 people, for four or more months of the year) 

* Please note that funding services are provided on a first come, first serve basis

If you have any further questions on the grant support writing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Apply for Grant Writing Services

Please fill out the request form if you are seeking grant writing services for business growth and recovery. Once your request has been reviewed and you’re determined eligible, we will pair you with one of our grant writers to provide your requested support service.


How do I apply for this program?

Please read the information above, if interested proceed to fill out our request form. The Chamber will administer through forms and if eligible will pair you with one of our grant writers to support you.  

Is this an on-going program?

This program is made possible by the District of Squamish- via the BC restart grant. It operates on a first-come, first-serve basis until funding is expended.

How do I know if I'm eligible for this program?

Please read through the information above and fill out a request form to determine eligibility for our program. We will contact you if you don’t meet the criteria or to verify information. If eligible, the grant writer will further determine eligibility for specific growth and recovery related grants and support you with requested services.  

Can I be matched up with a specific grant writer?

The chamber will allocate the business to writer. 

Who do I contact, if I have further questions?

Please feel free to send an email at 

Squamish Industries Successfully Impacted

The Squamish Chamber has successfully been providing Squamish businesses with free access to grant writing assistance, supporting the business community and our local economy.


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Grant Writing Support Service
Grant Writing Support Service