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Squamish Champions - Module #1 - Service Spotlight

Squamish Champions  offers affordable training to help your business grow. The Chamber offers four pillars of training: Service Spotlight, Essential Frontline Skills, Stepping into Leadership and Squamish Business Academy.
Service Spotlight is available to all participants of the Squamish Champions Program.

Service Spotlight

Register for an upcoming session – live online interactive training.

Service Spotlight is a one-hour course and ideal for anyone looking to brush up their customer services skills and learn more about Squamish.  Perfect for new staff and residents of Squamish.

In order to access Service Spotlight training, please register for the Squamish Champion program.

Squamish Champions

 [#1 Service Excellence] 
To pass this module you must complete the Service Spotlight customer training above. 
Once complete, you should continue through to the following modules: #2 Support local, #3 Ecology & Environment and #4 Squamish Nation.
Reward: Upon completion of this module you will receive a certificate that will certify to your employer and community that you’re a Service Spotlight graduate.

Do You Want To Keep Learning – More Resources

Many of the local businesses have made clever pivots to service their customers without human contact in the current climate. Learn how to adapt your Service Excellence skills and further your training with our additional content.

[Self Guided] This is not mandatory to complete the module.

Adapting in a pandemic

Service and Communication in a pandemic impacted environment.

Squamish Excellence

Affordable training to help your business grow - communications, conflict managment and more.

Chamber Events

A portal for training and events offered by the Chamber and partners.

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Learn more in module #2 Support Local.

Module #1 Recap - Service Spotlight

Step 1: Register

Sign up to one Service Spotlight customer service workshop.

Step 2: Engage

Attend the workshop with your peers and colleagues. Enjoy an interactive learning experience.

Step 3: Reward

Upon completion of this module you will receive a certificate of Service Spotlight Training.
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