For years, Geoff has been perfecting the craft of cider making for his own enjoyment, only sharing his gift with his family or friends. One by one, Geoff turned his nearest and dearest into cider lovers. Everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before these delicious flavours of cider would be shared with the world. Now is that time. Geoff, and his three close friends, have banded together to create Geo Cider Co. located in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia.
Geo Ciders are 5%, which always allows for more than just one pint! The Premium Standard Ciders are Old World & New World Apple Ciders and are available alongside artisan seasonal features. Geo Ciders are all crafted in house, utilizing the best of British Columbia’s best. Geo Ciders are all natural and gluten-free.

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    (778) 733-1080

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    318 - 1201 Commercial Way (1.69 mi) Squamish, British Columbia V8B 0V1