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How Mountain Culture Drives Real Company Growth

Nestled between the famous ski slopes of Whistler and the vibrant downtown of Vancouver lies Squamish, a former logging town that has seen incredible growth in recent years. In the heart of downtown Squamish you will find one of Canada’s fastest growing Premier Google Partner agencies, Marwick Internet Marketing.

Mountain Culture

Marwick Marketing has seen a 400% growth in the last three years, and CEO Christian Thomson puts this down to two things; business systems and a loyal team. “At Marwick we hire people that fit our culture, people who strive to be the best they can at work and who equally want to get out of the office and enjoy the outdoors”

Marwick offers long term employment and benefits with the added bonus of flex-time, allowing staff to pursue their passions outside of work in the outdoor recreational capital of Canada.

From climbing, biking, kiteboarding, hiking, skiing and surfing, the crew at Marwick Marketing know exactly how to balance work with pleasure.

The opportunity to work how you like, with a team of like-minded people means that turnover of staff at Marwick Marketing is almost non-existent. Now a team of seventeen people, Marwick Marketing has only lost two staff in just under seven years, both to relocation.

“We have a captive labor market in Squamish. We have a talent pool of smart people, who are leaving the major cities to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, but who welcome the ability to work within an agency, without the big commute.” Christian Thomson, CEO Marwick Internet Marketing

Angus Ewart, Head of Search at Marwick Marketing comments “I love to mountain bike and there is no better place to ride than here in Squamish. Ever since I started working at Marwick I have found myself no longer rushing out the door chasing that last bit of evening sun. With the flexible hours at Marwick,  I am able to get plenty of laps in before or after work and really take advantage of the daylight.”

This happy and healthy team creates stability for the business, combined with processes and systems to create excellent SEO and PPC results for their clients, it is this that has lead to the impressive growth seen from an agency outside the typical neighbourhoods of Yaletown or downtown Toronto.

Josiane from Marwick Marketing climbing after work in Squamish

Josiane Boutin an Account Manager at Marwick and talented climber says “Squamish has made the list of iconic climbing destinations more than once. People come from all over the world to experience Squamish’s unique climbing routes. We are privileged to call it home and have such a beautiful backyard to play in. What’s even better is the work life balance that comes with working and living in Squamish. Working at Marwick allows me to have flexibility to go spend some time on the rock while it’s dry and sunny and put in longer days when monsoon season is upon us! The commute between our Marwick office and the crag being only a few minutes makes it easy to get out for sunset laps too!”

Catherine Ayesa a professional marketing consultant from Northern Spain has been working at Marwick Marketing since August 2015, moving to Squamish to support her daughter’s downhill mountain biking.

And for a good reason “My daughter is the current Down Hill National Champion of Canada, and she wants to be the next World Champion, working at Marwick allows me to go to with her to the races, support her and share time training together. The professional and friendly work environment at Marwick Marketing allows me to collaborate with some of the most talented and ambitious people I’ve ever met. ”

As Squamish continues to grow and attract intelligent, driven professionals the potential for many more white collar jobs is also growing. Could Squamish be the next techhub of the pacific northwest? We think so.

Catherine's daughter Ainhoa Downhill Champion