Squamish Champions – Business Ambassador Program

Squamish Chamber of Commerce Media Release

For immediate release – September 28th, 2021

In Squamish, there are many good reasons to champion our town: to help enhance our business community members, to protect our environment, to learn about service excellence so that we can share in the community pride. 

As a business owner, when you enroll employees in the Squamish Champions program, you’re turning your staff members into powerful advocates for your business and the wider town. Local ambassadors are a complimentary part of the hiring and recruiting processes, as they engage prospective employees and it can harness staff retention. Additionally, when employees are proud to represent their employer, they’re more engaged and productive at work each day.  

Squamish Chamber is pleased to continuously present opportunities for additional learning alongside co-workers. As colleagues participate together, in turn, you make the work space an exciting place to share efforts, work hard and share in the rewards. In turn, your business and Squamish town grows as an environment that employees are proud to represent. 

Join Squamish Champions Ambassador Program

You’re an employee? What’s in it for you? As a participant in the program, acting as a town ambassador can help fast track an individual’s personal development, opportunities and well-being. Additionally, it is also a subtle way to show the community that they’re invested in the town, and are engaged with the community’s long-term mission. More than that, participating in the Squamish Champions program will allow newer residents to get to know our town and community in the most authentic way and generate pride amongst themself and peers.  

Training will be ongoing with options available online and in-person where viable. Educational assets are offered from a newly developed online portal open to all, including self-led modules packaged to conclude in a graduate certification and exclusive champions rewards.

Yes rewards, and no can coozie or plastic sunglasses offering in sight. On launch, we’re including certification, a custom designed badge and a signed print from local artist Sarah Symes every time you complete a module.

Graduation from this complimentary program entitles eligibility into a grand prize package. Whilst we’re not ready to spill the beans on this one quite yet, you know it’lll be packed full of local goodies and service rewards from the stellar businesses from our directory. 

sarah symes print