The (Squamish) Canadian Dream

Squamish is a land of opportunity; a community of entrepreneurs, trailblazers and innovators. From technology to tourism, manufacturing to marketing, we are all connected through our love of Squamish’s extraordinary landscape and the adventures it provides.

So we thought it was time to celebrate our business community and show how amazing it is to live and work in Squamish. 

Forget the American Dream. Squamish is the Canadian Dream.

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Thank you to all the amazing businesses who are featured and helped make this project possible:

British Columbia Timberframe, Squamish Terminals, Spawn Cycles, Canadian Outback Rafting, Sea to Sky Gondola, Rope Runner Arial Park, Backcountry Brewing, Echoflex Solutions, Gillespie’s Fine Spirits, Cardinal Concrete, Republic Bicycles, MahaDevi Design, Sea to Sky Sign Company, Quest University Canada, Bungalow 968, Socially Robyn, Squamish Days Loggers Sports Festival.

And huge thanks to Chrys, Mel and the team at Tech Web Canada, along with Mike Bell for vocals and guitar. #adventuresinbusiness

Video made possible thanks to funding from the BC Rural Dividend.