British Columbia Timberframe

Step-Out 2024

Squamish Success Stories: Advanced Wood Manufacturing

Since 2000, British Columbia Timberframe has specialized in custom timber frame home packages.  Located in Squamish’s North Yard’s Industrial Park, the enviable proximity of coastal Douglas-fir assures that the world’s finest timber translates to the industry’s highest quality in each home. Squamish has a significant historical stake in BC’s Forestry sector and this area was a natural choice when it was decided to establish British Columbia Timberframe here in Squamish. Douglas fir grown on the west coast of BC is the envy of the world, as it grows taller and larger than other areas. 

Having built the first qualified ENERGY STAR home in the Sea to Sky corridor, British Columbia Timberframe’s owner, Kelvin Mooney, is proud to be among the pioneers to bring energy-efficient homes to the Squamish area.  “Beyond significant energy savings for customers, with our sister company, FACTOR BUILDING PANELS, we can add the notion of “healthy homes” to the list of key attributes that set the pace for a future-proof home in this competitive market.”  The objective to build better homes also includes the notion of building with materials that are non-toxic and do not off-gas such as certain glues or foam insulation.  Proudly, there is no foam, which is known for toxic off-gassing, used in the construction of British Columbia Timberframe building panel home packages.

Furthermore, the wall and roof panels are all built locally in Squamish and get shipped all over BC and to the USA. The appetite for performance homes is building, pushed in part in our area by the city of Vancouver’s “Greenest City 2020” initiatives.  Similarly, Squamish is a town that has a tendency to attract a healthy and outdoor conscious resident who understands what it means to live sustainably.  It is obvious that this mindset has an impact on how British Columbia Timberframe chooses to create and construct homes in Squamish.  Smaller, better quality, good design, environmentally conscious fuels are bringing about decisions for the home owner that will result in more sustainable material selection and more influence from the best design and building technology.      

“It is motivating to work with natural and renewable materials, many of which are locally produced, and to employ many young and talented people in the area who are just as passionate about building better homes,” says Mooney.   Squamish has a competent and trained work force.  The British Columbia Timberframe staff, among those who are certified, includes a Timber Framer, two Project Managers, two PASSIVE HOUSE Designers, one who also holds a Degree in Sustainable Building from the University of BC, as well as a certified Interior Designer and an Architectural Technologist. The Shop Manager is currently working on his Red Seal Carpenter certification.

"BC's building codes are among Canada's most strict guidelines, and by 2032, all homes built in BC will have to be 'Net Zero ready'. Companies such as ours are already equipped with the technology and the know-how to build the homes of the future. We extend a standing invitation to tour our Squamish factory where we design, cut, and craft the timber frames and prefabricated building panels. Please feel free to call or stop by anytime."

Kelvin Mooney, owner, British Columbia Timberframe