Squamish Success Stories: Web Design & Marketing

VentureWeb is a digital agency that has been proudly based in Squamish since 2006. Their mission is to work with the world’s best adventure brands, experiences and destinations to engage and inspire their communities. Although VentureWeb is a small team, they punch above their weight. Their work runs the full gamut of digital: from designing and building new websites, to planning and executing digital marketing campaigns, to developing content and business strategies.

Working almost exclusively with organizations in the adventure and tourism industries, VentureWeb’s clients include local and international brands such as Santa Cruz Bicycles, Genuine Guide Gear, Sea to Sky Gondola, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism and Cervelo Cycles. Their clients really value VentureWeb’s collaborative approach, world class standards and true understanding of their businesses. 

The VentureWeb team members all have colourful and varied backgrounds. VentureWeb’s principal, Jim Morris, was a rafting and outdoor guide (i.e. a professional dirtbag) before establishing VentureWeb. Meanwhile, the lead developer, Olly, was a snowboard instructor at Whistler prior to making the switch to coding; the UX/frontend developer, Roger, was an ACMG ski and rock guide; Rosara, their content strategist, raced mountain bikes professionally; and Jeremy, the marketing director, was heavily involved in the early development of Whistler Mountain Bike Park – and they’re just a couple stories from VentureWeb’s 15-strong team. 

Being located in Squamish is a huge selling point for VentureWeb’s clients. They know, based on the company’s presence in Squamish and personal enjoyment of all that it offers, that the VentureWeb team will understand their business and target audience.

The VentureWeb team members are talented and highly-educated, with impressive backgrounds and unique work and travel experiences. It’s a special group of people who love playing outdoors and who were drawn to Squamish because of its endless opportunities for fun and adventure. It is clear that the opportunity to live and work in a place like Squamish is a unique selling point in VentureWeb’s recruitment. Every week they are inundated with resumes from very talented people from all over the world.

"We have always been "VentureWeb - proudly located in Squamish." Our location adds authenticity and supports our brand and team culture in so many ways. Squamish is our competitive advantage, and participation in our community makes our business relationships stronger. Our location allows our team, clients and lifestyles to overlap both inside and outside of the office."

Jim Morris, Founder and Principal of VentureWeb