Squamish Partners Urge Action on Transit, Parking and Transportation Infrastructure

Squamish Chamber of Commerce Media Release

For immediate release – May 25, 2022

May 18, 2022 (extract)

Re: Transit, Parking and Transportation Infrastructure 

Dear your Honours Elliott, Sturdy, Bains, and Fleming, 

The confluence of rapid population growth in the District of Squamish (DOS) with a transit strike now in its fifteenth week has compelled the Squamish Chamber of Commerce (SCC), Tourism Squamish (TS) and the Downtown Squamish BIA (DSBIA) to share with you our serious concerns about the impact of transit and transportation on the local economy. The three partners urge immediate and long-term action to address critical shortfalls in the transit, parking and walking/cycling infrastructure of Squamish: a deficiency with a growing negative impact on businesses, employees and customers.  

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